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Podolya Special Insole Center


Professional Foot Pressure Analysis and Staheli Arch Index Review:

Footstep analysis evaluates the biomechanical structure of your feet in detail. This analysis is used to create personalized treatment plans and detect foot health problems. Staheli Arch Index measurement is an important criterion to determine the deviation of the foot arch from normal.

Expertise in Health Step by Step: Assoc. Dr. Nihat BOZ and Podolya Story

Service with Expert Staff and Latest Technology Devices:

Our experienced and expert staff meticulously evaluates your foot health using foot pressure analysis software equipped with the latest technology. Based on the data we obtain, we create individually designed insoles and treatment plans.

Assoc. Podolya, as a pioneer in the field of foot health. Dr. It came to life under the leadership of Nihat BOZ. Assoc. Dr. After successfully completing METU Department of Mathematics, Nihat BOZ completed an international doctoral program in mathematics education. Associate Professor, who spent many years at Gazi University Faculty of Education. Dr. BOZ later gained management experience in different foot health centers. After graduating from Hacettepe University SHMYO Department of Orthopedic Prosthesis and Orthotics, he established the Podolya hand-foot health center and devoted the knowledge and experience he had accumulated to foot health. personalized orthopedic insoles

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